• New Apple Park Drone Views By Duncan Sinfield

    Drone videographers Duncan Sinfield and Matthew Roberts every uploaded videos to their channels over the past day, covering the views of Apple Park . The videos come a few hours ahead of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, which will be currently occurring about 8 miles to Apple Park at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose's east. For June 2018, this means that approximately 9,000 trees have now been permanently planted around the campus, employees are continuing to relocate onto the site each week, and cleaning crews are functioning twenty-four hours a day to keep the central spaceship building as well as also the structures surrounding it, including washing the window shades at least once per week.


    Roberts also catches a few employees cleaning the window shades from the central courtyard of their spaceship construction, pointing out that he has witnessed notable changes in the amount of detail paid to maintaining the spaceship clean and at the expansion of greenery around the campus. Roberts captures nice glimpses in to Apple Park's main atrium, the workers' activity area with basketball courts, and the stairs that lead down to the underground part of the Steve Jobs Theater.


    Drone Videographer Duncan Sinfield  ‘Only a Matter of Time’

    Drone video upgrades from videographers like Sinfield and Roberts have become marginally less regular as Apple Park finally ends construction after beginning just over four years back at December 2013. Furthermore, in April 2018 Sinfield explained it has become increasingly hard to fly his drones over the apple campus drone footage because of greater security, presuming it's only a matter of time until the campus gets closed to drones completely. Despite those attempts upgrade videos kept being uploaded to YouTube including Sinfield and Roberts, mainly by multiple videographers. Apple's revived anti-drone attempts from the spring of 2018 appear to have been rigorous, however, and followed a memo from the company that warned workers.


    The drone videographer says that security generally responds to his precise takeoff location in 10 minutes or less. He supposes that the company could be tracking all drone flights near the campus in an effort to lower the amount of eyes on Apple Park and that Apple has set a geofence of some type. Despite those attempts, drone update videos have been uploaded to YouTube by videographers, including Matthew Roberts and Sinfield. The latest stance on drones of apple Park follows a recently leaked memo from the company that cautioned employees against leaking details about potential apparatus, and is apparently a little more rigorous now around.


    Besides the security-focused topic of the description, Sinfield's movie today is an extended update supplying the usual coverage of Apple Park. The campus looks essentially complete except for a few dirt mounds and landscaping areas outside of the primary spaceship building and close to the Steve Jobs Theater. Since workers started moving in with the campus providing home CEO Tim Cook's office as well as a backdrop for executive interviews, apple Park has become more and more busy.